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What's Your Age?

21 - 40


Want to liberate yourself from the hassle and constraints of glasses and contacts? 

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40 - 58


Don’t fancy the idea of reading glasses or multifocals? Looking for an alternative?

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58 +

Think you're too old to have laser eye surgery to get rid of your glasses? Think again... 

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Meet Your Laser Eye Surgeons


Michael Lawless

Recognised worldwide as an authority in laser eye surgery, Dr Michael Lawless has dedicated his practice to LASIK, ASLA, SMILE and Laser Lens Surgery. He has performed over 25,000 surgical procedures.

He performed the first LASIK procedure in Sydney. He is also the first eye surgeon in the Southern Hemisphere to perform cataract surgery using laser technology. Read more.


Gerard Sutton

Professor Gerard Sutton is passionate about laser eye surgery. He concentrates his time and energy on laser vision correction intraocular lens & corneal transplant surgery. To date, he has successfully performed over 20,000 surgical procedures.

Professor Sutton practices out of Vision Eye Institute in Chatswood. 
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